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Random Path
by Ira-Jane Wilton

Psoriasis takes me where I hadn't planned on going.

It makes me stay at home, sitting on the edge of the tub, reflecting:
"Would I prefer to be out socializing more?"
"Yes," I reply, "the red wine would be nice!"

One should enjoy a tub soak!!

But they are not as joyful when one has to tack the word "treatment" onto them.
Never mind!
I'll rejoice that I have "Doak Oil" to use in the tub!

I hadn't planned on getting those cortisone needles 

In my forehead every 3 weeks
And in my arms too.
But that was long ago
and oh so useless and senseless.

You'd think the cure would come

Can it be so tuff?
Immune system, excess skin production, 
chromosomes, mood swings, stress,
infection, cuts, sunburn, low sugar
What can the culprit be??

I am never used to 

my bright red new lesions
I relax only when they fade.

I  want people, my friends, to ask 

me "How is your skin doing??"; then
I would say, "It is still a pain in the butt,
Or is that pain just in my gut?"
Or I would say, "It's not too 
bad right now, thanks."
Or would they let me
have a one hour response someday,
And tell the whole story!
No, probably not.
I have become a master of camouflage
Partial answers that say so little.

Psoriasis has showed me the road to patience, Lots of patience!!

It has taught me to draw in and reflect,
It has let me be alone, in a peaceful way.
It has shown me where others can be very sensitive 
and where they mostly can't grasp it's magnitude.
It is my life, like it or not.

I love to see nice legs;

I fit them on my body!
I barely care about stares
I only panic when a new bunch 
of lesions arrive, to be dealt with.

Random thoughts
Random disease
Random pain
Random joy

It takes me down the road
To where I know not
But it has been a journey 
Of awareness, I can assure you.

Good luck to those of you
Who walk the same random path.


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