December 2010
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Reflections from Orin

There's a Place Down Deep Inside

There's a place down deep inside my mind that appears from time to time. 
If only just for a moment all humility pain and suffering is swept clean from my mind. 
Fluffy clouds to lay my head on gentle hands hold me soft and sure 
Without disease or discomfort  I search not for a cure 
All words I hear are truthful all words sincere and kind. 
Come join me in this lovely place — if its only in our minds.

The delicate voices of angels sing joyously at our arrival  
yes for these short and fleeting moments we worry not 'bout our survival.  
I know for these precious moments no harm will come to me  
There is no doubt within my soul this is where I'm supposed to be.  
I hope that by sharing these words I will give your heart revival.

So whenever this world attacks you with pain and mental strife  
I want you to remember that's not the real part of your life.  
There's competition never ending —  some don't care who they put down.  
Eventually they will find out what goes round comes around.  
You are the only one who knows what happens — this is your life.

If you turn your heart at every fork toward the road of truth  
You wont ever seek the guidance of the sayer of sooth  
Because purity of heart will not allow you to condemn one without care
If one should try to put you down be warned they should not dare  
because in each and everyone's intuition resides the sayer of sooth.

In a world of peace and sincerity I dream this dream for you. 


I Rise at Sunset

I rise at sunset to enter the world of darkness. Obscurity is my friend. Not that I hate the bright light, it makes me feel better, but it also reveals all. Yes my world has been a cold one.  The warmth of the sun and the warmth of another soul have been fleeting luxuries. Who can understand this nocturnal tendency into which I have fallen? Who can understand what the curse has made me? All the doctors at the end of the day must shake their heads in exasperation. Surely they are humiliated and defeated as well at their inability to offer relief — but professionalism will not allow them to say, Hey, I'm sorry, I feel your pain, there's nothing I can do. Deep in my heart there is purity, kindness and love but it is buried by the curse and in its truest form cannot be expressed.  So I've built a world of fantasy, of dreams that do come true, where no one sees the mark that has so defined me in the physical world. Rather they see my value, my worth, my kindness, my generosity, my compassion, my love, my soul.

Who can forget the shell their own eyes observe and look into my eyes to discover my soul? Who might hold their bosom close to mine so that our heartbeats harmonize?  The only one left to imagine, the only one left to seek is my own alter ego, the one who has lived a parallel but separate life seeing the same heartache from the other side.  


Submitted September, 2002