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July-August 2010: Keith White, author of Healing Psoriasis Naturally, Pulling It All Together

"For most medical professionals, solving the complex problem of psoriasis is a job. They do not have to think about psoriasis during the weekends and the holidays or while they are on vacation. However, for me, it is very personal and it is my life. There is no time off from dealing with psoriasis."

May-June 2009: Bruce F. Bebo, Jr., Ph.D., Director of research and medical programs, National Psoriasis Foundation

"I think a cure for psoriasis is within our grasp and that it is just a matter of time. The reason for this optimism is that the pace of our understanding of this disease is accelerating tremendously."

March-April 2009: Catie Coman, Director of Communications, National Psoriasis Foundation

"We are focusing on cementing our reputation as the "go to" organization for all things psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis."

November-December 2008: P J Leary, Founder NCPEAS; NPF Volunteer of the Year 2006; E Team Member

"This is such an important time for our community to have a voice in health care reform, and  I plan to be right there. I don't ever want my children or grandchildren to have the painful experiences I have endured in my life."

March-April 2008: Rob Traister, Founder/Administrator, PsorChat

"I've never promoted the group in any way, and each time we hit a major milestone I think back to the first year when we had fewer than 100 members and am amazed."

January-February 2008: Michael Harnick, Proprietor/Producer, Shocking

"I knew that many of these images may be quite disturbing or shocking for many people, especially those without the disease, and it was from here that I came up with the domain name"

September-October 2007: Phil Aaronson, San Francisco Bay Area Short Sleeves Day Organizer

July-August 2007: Mike Bailin, Cyber-Flaker

"When I arrived I was pulled aside by a manager and told there had been complaints from other [cribbage] players about my appearance, and please don't go into the room."

May-June 2007: Sherry Sheehan, FlakeHQ's Poet Laureate

"Believing poetry might be in my genes (although my mother has little use for it), I began writing thank-you notes in verse. Later, reading a lot of poetry and realizing how much there was to it, I got more serious about it, although given the choice, I still prefer humor to gravity."

March-April 2007: Deirdre Earls, Registered Dietitian, Licensed Dietitian, author Your Healing Diet...

"When I embarked upon my own diet change I was personally overwhelmed by the amount of time required to learn the shortcuts of this way of eating in the midst of a busy lifestyle."

January-February 2007: Liz Horn, Director of Research, National Psoriasis Foundation

"I would ask everyone to consider being part of the BioBank. You can learn more about the BioBank and register online at"

September-October 2006: Ed Reiss, Web Site Pioneer, National Psoriasis Foundation Former Board Member, Proprietor of The Psoriasis Online Toolbox

"You can educate yourself until the facts about psoriasis and the treatment options that are available become familiar territory. After that it becomes a matter of personal choice."

May-June 2006: Jody Kim-Eng, Co-Founder San Francisco Bay Area/Peninsula Psoriasis Support Network

"Talking face-to-face with others who share the challenge of dealing with these diseases offers a unique sense of belonging and community that can't be duplicated in any other way."

March-April 2006: Fred Finkelstein, Writer-Producer-Director-Narrator: My Skin's On Fire

"Clearly, these illnesses have invested themselves so thoroughly into my life that I could never be 'detached' in my perspective."

January-February 2006: Sheri Decker, Executive Liaison: International Relations & Special Projects, National Psoriasis Foundation

"The omission of psoriasis from WHO's list of recognized diseases infers that they might currently be unaware of the devastation psoriasis causes."

November-December 2005: Ed Anderson, Online Psoriasis Community Pioneer

"The Psoriasis Hall of Pshame was maybe like putting shrunken heads on spikes around the tribal village to make poachers think twice about tromping through our sacred ground."

September-October 2005: Dr. John O.A. Pagano, Chiropractic Physician, Author:
Healing Psoriasis: The Natural Alternative

"In no uncertain terms, I have never helped, alleviated, or healed a patient with psoriasis or eczema if they DIDN'T follow the diet."

July-August 2005: Sheila Rittenberg, Director of Advocacy, National Psoriasis Foundation

"If I were doing this job 10 or even 5 years ago, I think the challenge would be much more difficult. Today, we are at the right place at the right time."

May-June 2005: Dr. Steven Feldman, Dermatologist, Professor, Founder,

"We don't even know if psoriasis itself is 'one disease' or one rash caused by a multiplicity of different genetic and environmental risk factors."

Mar-Apr 2005: Michael Paranzino, Founder, Psoriasis Cure Now!

"The psoriasis community missed out entirely on the biggest increase in biomedical research funding in world history. This is what most haunts me."

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