December 2010
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Thinking About Biologics?
Try Out These Links*


AMEVIVE (alefacept) — Astellas Pharma US, Inc.

Astellas Pharma US, Inc. purchased Amevive from Biogen Idec. Sections of this web site include "Unique Mechanism of Action," "Unique Dosing," "Efficacy," "Safety Profile," "Important Safety Information," "Amevive Start Assistance Program (ASAP)," and "Prescribing Information."
  • Consumer site:  "Psoriasis Support" - none at this time
  • Administration:  Intramuscular injection given at your doctor's office once a week for 12 weeks.  If necessary, a second course of 12 weeks injections can be prescribed after about 12 weeks "off treatment."

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ENBREL(etanercept) — Amgen, Wyeth

Main sections are devoted to each of the five diseases for which this biologic has been approved—including psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. Within these sections find "Disease Description," "How Enbrel Works on the Disease," "Help Finding a Dermatologist" and "Safety Information." You may also sign up to receive a printed info kit.

  • "Enliven Services" is a patient-support service available through toll-free phone number 1-888-436-2735. Web sign up for patients:

  • Consumer site:  "Psoriasis Connection" -

    Main pages include "Learn About Psoriasis" (what it is, type, immune system role, psoriatic arthritis), "Live Your Life" (caring for mind and body, getting out and about, managing relationships, patient connections), "Treat the Disease" (options, working with a dermatologist). Also an online tool for recording symptoms
    especially good for new psoriasis patients.

  • Administration:  Depending on need, weekly or twice weekly self-administered subcutaneous injections i nto midsection using a prefilled "injector" or a more conventional syringe. Duration unlimited (barring adverse reactions).

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HUMIRA (adalimumab) — Abbot

Covers several diseases for which Humira is an FDA-approved treatment. Especially useful section on financial assistance:

  • Administration:   Typically a twice-a-month (every OTHER week) subcutaneous injection using a "pen" or syringe.  Both versions come prepackaged and ready for use (no mixing or filling the injector required).  For particularly recalcitrant cases, some rheumys (and, possibly, derms) are prescribing weekly dosages.

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REMICADE (inflimiximab) — Centocor  

Under "plaque psoriasis" find "Understanding Psoriasis," "Remicade for Plaque Psoriasis," "Living with Psoriasis," "Doctor Discussion Guide," and "Your Psoriasis Community."

  • Administration: Intravenous (IV) infusion at doctor's office or Infusion Center.  Infusions take about two hours and, after the initial three infusions, more infusions come at 8-week intervals.  No more than 6 are given during the course of a year. Some patients receive additional medication orally immediately preceding an infusion to control side effects.

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* Links on this page last validated on 9/23/2009. Search using any of these drug names for email exchanges about their use. Search. If you are considering the use of any biologic medicine you should study the ADVERSE EFFECTS and weigh these against your own health history and life style. All biologic drugs for psoriasis are currently expensive (more than $1,000 per month) though insurance coverage and some financial assistance available through the manufacturers may significantly lower out-of-pocket costs to patients. -ED 9/23/09