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Ode to my Skin
by Vix

Dear skin, of mine I have to say,
I’ll never forget the insufferable way,
You made sure I’d think of you, each morn, first thing
Follow your rulings, who made you king?

To read all ingredients with you in mind,
The illusive shampoo, I’m hoping to find,
One of the few that won’t give me an itch,
So intense I become an irrational bitch.

Shouldn’t eat this food, shouldn’t do that,
Cake your scalp in goop, wear this nice shower hat.
Find 2 hours each day to look after your skin,
Oh Bugger that, mines a large shot of gin!

Don’t pick, don’t rub and for gods sake don’t scratch.
But it’s such a release, ooh look a new patch!
A scratch fest declared, I scratched till I bled,
And woke up next morning, stuck to the bed.

So if blessed this day with healthy skin,
What’s the first thing I’d do, what would be my first sin?
This may sound strange, this might make you laugh,
The first thing would be a long, hot bubble bath!

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