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by Neil P. Flanagan

Oh my god it's here again
Those flaky spots with inbuilt flame

The itching, scratching, drives me mad
And then it makes me really sad

I tell my wife, “Don’t look at me”
But in her eyes I’m flaky free

My kids have learned to see past my spots
Ever since they were such tiny tots

The times I scratch I am told “leave it alone”
I can’t help myself; I am like a dog with a bone

With flaky skin and aching spine
I can’t remember a time when I felt just fine

My cyclosporine worked real fast
Problem is, it didn’t last

My dermo says “here, this will help”
Those enbrel needles make me yelp

Chin up, they say, it will be fine
Chin up for me, shows flakes so fine

But I’m not complaining, not one bit
I try to make the best of it

Sometimes it makes me mad as well
To be living in psoriasis hell


N.P.Flanagan 2009

Flaker Creativity