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Banker Poses No Challenge to Our Nudist Friend
from Roger D.

Hi Ed: I've been out of touch for a few months. Summer is a busy time for us and I haven't written, but now the autumn weather has turned off camp activities for a while, and I'm back home for the winter.

I can really identify with Lisa K. and the "dandruff incident" she told about in her letter. I once had a banker in my office for an interview. He noticed the P along my hairline and commented on it. I told him it was psoriasis and nothing to be concerned about. "Well if I had that I'd do something about it or make sure nobody could see it," was his response. I agreed, and to make sure it wouldn't offend him any longer, I kicked him out of my office. I would say to her that she doesn't need to learn to be mean or even thick-skinned (no pun intended), but she should never hesitate to set people straight when necessary.

I'm very aware of my P, but refuse to let it dominate my life. I am in the public eye much of the time because I own my own business. My leisure activities put me on display even more, as you know, Ed. I agree with what you said about redefining yourself sexually and sensually. If I had not been able to do that I would have long since lost my wife and given up my nudist lifestyle, both of which are as essential to me as food and shelter. Without them in my life, my stress levels would quickly go off the scale and P would really dominate.

As for derms; I've pretty much given up on them. I moisturize, use some Dovonex, some Betamethazone Sterate ointment and some topical vitamin D. I get a moderate amount of full body sun exposure and try to keep the stressors to a minimum. That seems to work about as well as anything I've tried over the past several years.

I always enjoy visiting this site and hope it continues to give me and others a place we can come to share our thoughts, experiences, hopes and fears. Best to you Ed. -Roger D.


Ed's Response: First, for readers who may not remember Roger D. by name, read Nudist Flaker and More From Nudist Flaker in the Archives.

Good to hear from you, Roger. You relate that you have completed yet another [nudist] camp season.... Conspicuous by their absence are those post cards I asked for.

I liked your banker story and I'm sure Lisa K. will appreciate it, too. I concur there are times when its simply necessary to "set people straight." Somehow your story was even sweeter because your victim was a banker. It's just not often enough we find ourselves in positions to send them packing. -Ed

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