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Zinc's Cleared Me Up
from Tom B.

Ed, I mailed away for this booklet, read it, and of course like all of us P sufferers, I'll try anything. After 2 months of 200mg doses of zinc a day, my P cleared up about 80%. It was the first time in years I was able to wear short sleeve shirts and short pants. I was so Pleased! Just to go swimming!

I don't get the upset stomach associated with taking that much zinc. You are supposed to take the zinc with food, but I usually take it right when I get up and before bed. After my P went away, I missed a few days of the zinc and the P came back fast. So I started taking it again. It's clearing up again. Its been 3 weeks. You can bet I won't stop taking it again. But believe me it's worth taking every day. It's the only thing I've found that clears me up. All the other stuff has never done anything for me but kept me slightly improved or less flare-ups. -Tom B.


Ed's Response: Thanks for writing, Tom. You are one of several people who have reported positive results from the zinc regimen proposed in Ross Gambril's "Psoriasis - Clear it up Now." (See several letters in the archives, indexed under "Another ‘CuredIt' Claim.") This has been a particularly argumentative therapy. I have also heard from several people who got sick taking megadoses of zinc. An eloquent detraction of claims of zinc proponents can be read at the Hall of PShame site. But ... It's hard to argue success, Tom, and I hope yours continues. -Ed

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