(December, 1998)

A Fish Oil Success Epic
from Jhonna

Hi. My name is Jhonna and I have for the first time logged onto your web site, only by accident I might add. I was inquiring about another disease and scrolled upon Psoriasis. I decided, what the heck. I thought I knew everything possible about it. I was curious as to what I would find. Much to my surprise, I really had no idea that other people suffered from this as badly as I! We disguise it well, don't we? I have lived with "P" all of my life, since I was in grade school. I am now 35-years old.

I recall my parents rubbing a cream all over my body every night when I was a little girl. I recall having to wear turtlenecks and stockings in the summer time and year round at school. I have never been able to wear a pair of shorts or a nice short dress in the summer without really thick or dark nylons to cover my legs. Having to be constantly aware of the clothing I buy to make sure that the sleeves are long enough or the collar is high enough. I recall in my early years (teens and twenties) being approached many times to model. I always had a very pretty face (I can admit that) but, no one knew what was lurking underneath all those clothes. I, needless to say, had to decline each and every time. People would always ask me why I don't model. I just had to minimize it to "I was never interested".

I have used every topical steroid cream possible and every known method possible. In the early nineties, my new discovery was to wrap my body in saran wrap overnight while I slept so that the cream would not oxidize therefore working faster and my skin would stay clear for about 2 weeks
before little specks began to reappear. I considered my case the most severe case possible. I had it literally from head to toe. The lesions were raised at least 3mm off my skin. By the time I was, say, early twenties, you could not find an inch of clear skin. I have been on prednisone therapy and that would clear my skin for about 2 months, then the P would return with a major vengeance. I decided I didn't like feeling like I was on drugs or needed to pump some iron so I declined the steroid option from my doctor. I had a husband who, when I decided to end my marriage with him, told me that there is no man that would love me as he has with an ugly body like mine. Have you ever heard the term "lizard skin"? Well, that was me.

Of course, I have managed to disguise most of it wrapping with Saran Wrap 3 days straight to get 2 weeks of clear skin. Then have to rewrap every 2 weeks for 3 days. This vicious cycle went on for about 5 years until my skin started to thin so much you could see right through it to the veins. I bruised so easily all I had to do was poke myself and a big bruise would appear. I didn't realize I had become highly toxic from all the topical creams and steroid treatments, and that it was slowly making me sick.

About 3 years ago, I really came to my wits end. I couldn't handle it anymore. I was exhausted and depressed from the many years of suffering. I felt, is this how I have to live the rest of my life? I couldn't imagine continuing my life like this. I had to ditch my boyfriend for 3 days every
two weeks in hiding just so I could "wrap." I realized there had to be another way. Something perhaps more healthy, non-toxic. No long term side effects. My mother used to read up on everything possible to help me.

My father always believed in nutritional healing. Finally, I decided to try something my mother had told me about for years, but I thought, yeah, right MOM. Out of desperation, I realized this was just about the only thing I hadn't tried. What the heck, right? FISH OIL (OMEGA 3 FATTY ACIDS EPA). I take the Gelcap Supplements.

I decided to go cold turkey from my creams, etc. Let my skin take its own course, try the Fish Oil and see what happens. Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse... let me tell you. It had to be everything toxic internal was coming out in my skin. It was beyond belief even for myself. But, I had to let it take its course. Slowly, I started to notice thinning of the mountains on my skin. Practically reduced to nothing. It took 2-3 months but my skin was clear—completely. My skin has been virtually clear from "P" for the last 3 years. I take 2000 MG of Fish Oil every day after dinner. Every now and then I get little specks on my elbows and knees and scalp but, everywhere else is smooth and clear. My doctors cannot believe it. Has anyone else out there ever tried it? There are food sources such as fish, bean oils, salmon, cod, mackerel, tuna. I decided I did not eat enough fish, etc. to ensure I was getting enough to do the job. I take the
Fish Oil Supplements in the form of Gelcap.

Let me give you some info on it. Our bodies require a certain amount of fats to function well. Certain of these fats cannot be manufactured in our bodies. These are called essential fatty acids and must be included in our diet just like vitamins and minerals. They are necessary for the formation and proper balance of prostaglandin's, a group of hormone-like regulator
substances that are produced and utilized by all cells of the body.

Prostaglandin's regulate every system and function of the body including the cardiovascular, reproductive, immune and central nervous systems. Essential fatty acids also form the cell membrane; a strong membrane helps protect cells from invading toxins, bacteria, viruses, and allergens. Deficiency is linked to chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer, arthritis, allergies, and various immunological disorders. Omega-3's and Omega-6's are two major types of essential fatty acids that receive the most attention. Omega-3's is related to prevention of heart disease. It is known to thin the blood, but also lowers cholesterol. Omega-3s act as anti-inflammatory agents. It mimics the desirable effects of cortisone, without the negative side effects. Has positive effects on the immune system, effective in treatment for cancer, allergic reactions, asthma, kidney disease and—get this—TREATMENT FOR PSORIASIS AND ATOPIC DERMATITIS. There is a multitude of information about OMEGA-3s in this book "THE REAL VITAMIN AND MINERAL BOOK". It's a guide to the nutritional supplements you really need and their most effective dosages.

I cannot stress to you enough on how this has changed my life. You have all tried just about everything. Well, you owe it to yourself to research it on your own and decide whether this is something you need to try. You have nothing to lose. You need to consult your doctor if you have other ailments. You can find OMEGA-3s in any drugstore as well as a Trader Joe's
or Costco in your area.

Please, if anyone out there is knowledgeable or has had any positive experiences... please respond to me. -Jhonna


Ed's Response: Jhonna, thanks for a nicely-told story of how bad it can really be ... but with (for the moment, at least) a happy ending! Your story needs to be placed in a time capsule, one that is to be opened in another 1000 years by whomever is the reigning guru of medicine at that time, because, on top of all that your story contains, it is a withering indictment of modern medicine's inability to get a handle on our disease.

Yours sounds like a textbook case of chronic severe psoriasis. I can but imagine the accumulated cost of your treatments and medicines down through the years. And what did it all manage to accomplish? To keep you busy until you found your real solution, which no derm prescribed, but a father gently suggested. GOOD ... FOR ... YOU! I applaud you. I champion you.

Another thing your story drives home is the idiocy any of us demonstrate when we poo-poo a therapy because it doesn't work for "me." As I've said elsewhere, even elsewhere in this month's mail, I'm loathe to go the Fish Oil route, probably for all the wrong reasons, but your testament would make me a fool to ridicule it.

I hope that all visitors to FLAKE HQ read and re-read your story. And in 1000 years, I hope it still floats in cyberspace as an historical landmark. By then, we hope, life with our affliction will have become an evolutionary footnote, but to comprehend it in retrospect, your story is considerably more poignant than Dead Sea Success Stories or Skin Cap Statistics. Thanks for sharing it with us. -Ed

Readers: Jhonna provided more information on her experiences with Saran Wrap (occlusion therapy) and Zinc as a nutritional supplement. Well worth the read. Click here.

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