(December, 1998)

A Prescription That's Hard Not To Like
from DaNelle C.

Hi Ed! I love your site! I'm DeNelle C., a beautiful 28 year old lady, who also experiences P.

I love living, working and playing in Alaska, I guess you could call me a "Snowflake"! :) (Smile)

You sound like a well-traveled person, have you ever journeyed to Alaska? This land is absolutely phenomenal, however, I haven't been to either Kentucky or Ireland, yet! :)

Well, there's not much new I could say about P that you haven't already heard... I'm not interested in anymore medications, treatments or doc bills, thank you very much! Summers in Alaska and Hawaii are the only things that work for me. :)

Oh, I almost forgot to mention, Great food, Great wine, and Great sex aren't bad either! :) (Smile)

It's a pleasure to meet you! :) -DeNelle C.


Ed's Response: Your palliative P regimen sounds pretty attractive, DeNelle (summers in Alaska and Hawaii, great food, great wine and great sex). I've never been to Alaska but know several people who go there regularly (as well as a handful, including a cousin, who live there). In Colorado, where I was born and raised, Alaska is thought of as a sister State. One observation I recall: "It's a lot like here, only no desert, and maybe a little nicer ‘cause fewer Texans spill in."

My wife and I have talked about taking an Alaskan cruise. We both favor moderate and colder climates and my intolerance of sun dis-enthuses us about Caribbean vacations. So, who knows? If I sell a few hundred more FLAKE books, I might just be bobbing by! -Ed


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