(December, 1998)

Sunlight Concentrate! I Don't Know...
from Greg C.

I am very excited about an at-home treatment I stumbled upon. I was diagnosed with a patch of psoriasis on my knees a few years ago. I've had this condition for about 15 years, but thought it was just rough skin.

I have tried many drugs and treatments over the years, nothing really seemed to work. I did notice however that sunshine seemed to thin the spots a lot, and living in a sunny climate I would get sunshine on them as often as I could. But the psoriasis would never completely go away.

Then I got the idea to magnify and specify the power of the sun by using a simple dime store magnifying glass. Well, I started to see results right away!

A nice little five minute treatment, 3 or 4 times a week works wonderfully! My psoriasis has disappeared to a level I don't ever remember seeing before. It is unrecognizable now!

When doing this remember you don't want to burn your skin (even though I have). I don't think it is necessary. Adjust the glass where the focal point is about the size of a dime. You will feel the heat, and let the psoriasis soak in the rays. Another way I do it is to bring the focal point down to a tiny spot and dance the light around on the spot, but be careful, the smaller the focal point the more intense the ray. Depending on where you have psoriasis, you may have to have someone help you.

This treatment in conjunction with a lotion containing Glycolic acid from the drug store has changed my life. I hope people will try this first before giving up!! -Greg C.


Ed's Response: Greg <BIG SIGH, HERE>. You need to be very careful. Watch those newly-cleared skin spots for signs of melanoma (dark spots, moles, warts...). Obviously your lesions respond positively to light therapy. Such therapies, in carefully monitored dosages, and with regular skin examinations by a dermatologist, have proven very beneficial for many of us (not me, unfortunately). However, the reason for the careful monitoring is the statistically significant possibility of malignant melanoma from too much exposure. Your magnifying lens concentrates the radiation dosage many times more than is safe—many times more, even, than the UVA and UVB "light boxes" used in professional therapies. You certainly don't want your life to change so much malignant melanoma becomes your next challenge!

When I was a young boy, I used your technique to torture bugs and learned first-hand how quickly a pin-point focal point will ignite a piece of paper, a leaf, my skin. I wonder if the fact that, today, I can't stand direct sunlight—even UNmagnified—for more than a few minutes, is the Almighty's way of getting even with me for nuking so many of his little creatures in my cruel youth.

Do take care. Next time I talk to my derm, I'm going to ask him if my alarm about your therapy is warranted, but until he tells me "no," I'm disinclined to pass it along (though I guess I'm doing that anyway, aren't I?). -Ed

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