(December, 1998)

Skin Cap Worked Best, But Divorce Worked, Too
from Liz T.

Help? Skin Cap is the only thing that helped! I have had psoriasis since I was 10 ... 34 years and I'm still going. Then the FDA took Skin Cap off the market. I was checking your site earlier and someone said that they had the mixture for the pharmacist to make the same thing as Skin Cap, but now I can't find it. My derm is a cool lady I think she would go for this. She has her own mixture that she calls triple gel cocktail. The last time I tried to get it the pharmacist couldn't get all the ingredients. We have to take things in stride. Stress !! is a !! major factor. My body just erupts when the stress gets sooooooo !!~! Working for the U.S. Postal Service, I can tell you about stress!!!!!!!! Any help finding the Skin Cap prescription would be appreciated.

I would like to thank my husband who is one of the coolest guys on earth. He puts up with all the flakes etc. And will help with any thing else that I ask. My previous marriage ended in divorce and also the end of my P for 8 years. Who knows???

I am also in the bluegrass region of the beautiful state of Kentucky. I wouldn't trade KY For any of the other states I have visited, and I have been to several!!!!!! Even Hawaii. It is always so good to come home! Thanks for your site, humor is a vital part of our life. -Liz T.


Ed's response: Howdy, neighbor! Here's a shortcut to the e-mail you referenced about the compounded equivalent of Skin Cap: "Good News for Skin Cap Devotees." E-mail the pharmacist who authored this if you want more information.

You are the first person I've heard from who associates an extended remission from P with a divorce. My first divorce and second marriage flagged the start-up of my psoriasis; so, of course, I was hopeful when I divorced the second time. I was single for a year, during which nothing improved. So I hoped some more when I got married the third time. Everything BUT my P has improved with the third marriage. Statistically speaking, our experiences cancel each other out.

But you kind of left us hanging regarding your etiology. You said you stopped flaking for eight years after your divorce. You didn't say WHEN you married your current husband. Hopefully your P didn't return on your honeymoon! (If it did ... well ... we've got to talk....).

You probably understand my claim that the central Kentucky bluegrass region stands apart from any place else in the U.S.—including the rest of Kentucky. Both Eastern and Western Kentucky are totally dissimilar to where you and I live, too. I've lived—meaning long enough to pay taxes and acquire a local license plate—in Denver and Grand Junction, Colorado; San Francisco and Eureka, California; St. Louis, Missouri; New York, New York; Washington, DC and Arlington, Virginia ... and I've visited every other region of the lower 48 States ... and this place, I'm pretty sure, is where I'll stay. The only thing that might drive me away (that I can think of right now) is politics. I've found politics to be an ugly game most everywhere, but nowhere quite as ugly as here.

Stay in touch, Liz! -Ed

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