Mail (November, 1998)

The Swimming Pool De-Flaked Me
from Lis

Since discovering that I have "the flakes," I, like others I'm sure, have taken the opportunity NOT TO participate in summer activities. But one day last summer I went swimming in a friend's pool. To my surprise, later that night, I noticed all that dead skin was gone!!! It came back though in a couple of days. I swim everyday now. -Lis


Ed's Response: A long skin-crinkling soak is always a good prelude to a vigorous de-flaking with a towel. You are lucky that your post-swimming deflaking leaves you flake-free for as long as two days. I soak in the bath for the same reason, but my flakes tend to return in 8-12 hours. I can make it SEEM like the flakes stay away longer if I use a good moisturizer right after the towel down, and then again eight hours or so later, but on close inspection I can see the flakes are still building, they're just not turning white because they are moist. -Ed

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