Mail (November, 1998)

UV Lamp
from Chris

If you're comfortable with the idea. Please add our as a link on your site. I have added yours to the "Links" page at

I'll understand if you'd prefer not to add our commercial site.

As they say, "It never hurts to ask!"

Many thanks,

Chris Cane
Amjo Corp and and


Ed's Response: As a matter of preference, I don't put commercial links on the OTHER PLACES page here at FLAKE HQ, but I visited Chris's site, which is an on-line brochure for a UV home lamp and was quite impressed. For one, nowhere does the site say "CURES PSORIASIS." In fact, the company is explicit about the fact that UV light therapies are "not for everybody." Since so many of us are interested in this therapy, I decided to post Chris's e-mail. -Ed

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