(December, 1998)

Dovonex Works in South Africa AND Bangkok
from Danielle Z.

Dear Ed I come from South Africa, a country in which most people have little hope, my parents being two of those people. My GP prescribed Dovonex Ointment for me about two years ago, after I had been to almost every specialist and Derm in the country for the last twelve years.

My Dad, as I've said, has so little faith in our country he decided to take me to the Dermatology clinic in Bangkok. The Doctor could not speak a word of English, studied my P and prescribed exactly what my GP did, without knowing what I had been using. I thought that was quite humorous, and hoped you might enjoy the laugh to. So much for our country being "behind."

Anyway Dovonex is a Calcipatriol (Anhydrous) 50ug/g ointment. I find it keeps my P well at bay, my only problem with it is that it makes all my clothes look oily, as if I've spilt something. I've tried the Dovonex cream, which is hydrous, and find that it does not work as well because it is not as oily and so does not stay on as well. Anyway, thanks for the great web site. -Danielle Z.


Ed's Response: Hi Danielle. I'm glad you are finding Dovonex works for you. You probably read about my trial, which came out not so good. I've had more people write and tell me it works for them than I've had tell me they were disappointed, too. I guess that's what makes me "special." (Or, as one commercial search engine described me in their blurb about FLAKE HQ: "a curmudgeon." I don't believe I'm a curmudgeon, so I refuse to publish the name of the offending search engine! ... That, however, IS a curmudgeonly thing to do.)

I enjoyed (as you hoped I would) the irony of your finding nothing more sophisticated in Bangkok that you had available in South Africa. I have several correspondents from your country and you are the first to describe it as a place where "people have little hope." While your parents might concur with that, it sounds as though you don't, and that's good.

Since here at FLAKE HQ, we are virtual and borderless, you are a citizen automatically. We are generally NOT hopeless, just bored while waiting for a cure. Thanks for coming. Stick around! -Ed


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