(December, 1998)

Life a Rosebush? P the Thorns?
from Sherry S.

Hi Ed: I've been focusing on things other than psoriasis for most of the year, but tonight I checked your site, laughed knowingly at the scratching, red-splotched figure, and began reading the November mail.

I'm blown away by your response to the first email. I had never thought of P as an honest, or non-deceptive, disease, or as the thorn on the rosebush.

Thanks for this new take on an old affliction. -Sherry S.


Ed's Response: Thanks, Sherry. I'm glad you like my metaphor. Getting Kevinlee's e-mail was one of those where's-my-box-of-tissues experiences we men are supposed to be indifferent to. I guess I hadn't watched enough WWF Raw that week to keep my testosterone pumped. -Ed

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