Mail (November, 1998)

UV, Anthralin, What's Next?
from Sue

Dear Ed, I wrote to you in the summer and I just wanted to let you know that the UV light treatments (3 times a week) didn't help that much. I didn't even get a tan.

Now the Derm has me using MICANOL 1% anthralin cream and Triaderm compound every day. It really stings because I pick and make my skin bleed which I know we P sufferers shouldn't do. The creams are very expensive and I don't know what he is going to suggest next.

I read the letter about deodorant and I am going to try it. I found that eliminating tomatoes and anything with tomatoes in it helps control the night flaming. Also citrus fruits are not in my vocabulary any more.

At night, if the burning and itching are a problem, I sleep with an ice pack on the really bad spots. This relieves the itching and helps me sleep.

We P people are constantly trying stuff and if one of us comes up with the magic cure they are going to be my best friend. I hope someone else tries the ice pack treatment and tells you how it works. It is just a little difficult to put it on certain places though!!!!! Talk to you again next month. -Sue


Ed's Response: Hello Sue. Sorry the UV treatments didn't work out for you; you are standing with me on the sad side of that fence. I didn't get a tan, either (but then I never do).

Now you are joining an old society of anthralin users. According to NPF, anthralin has been used to treat psoriasis for over 100 years. If you haven't already, you may want to order the NPF's booklet on Anthralin. It's got some great tips in the back about how to get the stains off you, your clothes, your furniture and your bathroom fixtures!

Be sure to let us know how your deodorant trial works. And about the ice pack treatment, just be careful. Somehow, though it's come up several times before and I can't disparage the attempt, it doesn't seem likely to help. Cold tends to intensify blood circulation (that rosy-cheeked little girl playing in the snow). A part of our problem with P plaques is that the cutaneous circulation is ALREADY hyped (making the lesions red). But, if the ice pack treatment works, all I can say is, weirder things have happened! Good luck and keep us informed. -Ed

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