(December, 1998)

Betnovate & Echinacea
from Hadley

Hi Ed! You asked your Australian reader about Betnovate: it's betamethasone valerate, the same as Valisone. I wish Valisone came in gallon bottles at the drug store, it's the thing that's worked well and continuously for my scalp P.

I lived in England for a few years, and it was almost as good, a free appointment with the doctor (General Practitioner) would get me a 4 oz. bottle of Betnovate for about $8, sometimes a few refills too. Hooray for nationalized health care!!

Echinacea (pronounced eckinaisha for some reason) is a herbal remedy, I think for colds & the immune system. I never thought of using it for P. I've heard of taking evening primrose oil for it though. -Hadley


Ed's Response: Thanks, Hadley. Always great to hear from you. -Ed

Readers: This is in response to "My P Regimens in Oz" (click to read from archives).


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