(December, 1998)

Consider A Bath Instead of A Shower
from Mariellen

I've had psoriasis for about 10 years (I'm 46) and my Mom had it for over 40 years. At 76 hers is gone. I guess that's good news. I use Elacon cortisone cream on my scalp about every three days. Sitting in the tub, I massage it in and comb out with a fine comb. Admittedly, mine is not too bad but this does really keep it under control and I rarely itch. My ears are a problem too and because I keep my hair ultra short so I can deal with my scalp, I'm self-conscious about my ears. Again, sitting in the tub, I moisten my ears and just gently rub. The flakes are all off in a few minutes—at least until the next day.

I know most of us are addicted to showers and think tub baths take too long, but they really don't take any longer than a shower. (Use the "fill up" time to make the coffee, brush your teeth, etc.)

I don't have flaking anywhere else on my body—yet—but maybe the warm water would help those who do.

The Elacon cream also helps my ear lobes when they become inflamed. By the way, I only use 14c gold earring backs—anything else is instant disaster.

My heart goes out to those with more serious cases, particularly children. -Mariellen


Ed's Response: Baths rather than showers really do make so much sense for psoriatics, Mariellen! And, you're right, we are too addicted to showers. Hot showers tend to dry the skin by drawing moisture out rather than letting it be absorbed. A good soak, followed by applying a good lotion to seal in the beneficial moisture, helps reduce itching and soften flakes for easier removal. Thanks for the reminder. -Ed


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