Mail (November, 1998)

Doesn't Everybody Know About Sea Water?
from Hank

I discovered your web site only last night and I have been obsessed with it since. In reading the mail from other sufferers, I could not believe no one has mentioned anything about plain sea water.

I know every one is not fortunate enough to live near a seacoast, but there are many of us who do. During the warm months I sometimes just go down and sit in the water. It makes a remarkable difference in just a couple of days. During the winter I fill up two liter soft drink bottles with the sea water. I then sit in an empty bath tub with bath or hand towels soaked in the water wrapped around the affected areas. It only takes about thirty minutes a day and it certainly is worth it.

I only have about six small areas on my legs now and also my scalp. About one year ago I had it on my entire stomach area and on my entire back. My hands were bad enough that the lines in my palms would crack open and bleed. The tops were so bad I was ashamed for anyone to see them. Now they are about 98% clear. I am sure that if I would do this on regular basis it would probably all clear up.

As many of us do, though, we get so used to it that we tend to just stop doing anything about it unless it gets really bad. I am a 51 year old female and I have had P since junior high. -Hank


Ed's Response: Hank, thanks so much for bringing up sea water! You are right, it's been conspicuous by its absence (but check out the NEXT letter)! And I should have known better because I have one acquaintance who purposely moved to the gulf coast of the U.S. just because soaking in the sea water there improved her psoriasis. (Beth! If you're out there, tell us your story!)

Sea soaks are unquestionably an effective palliative for some percentage of flakers, though I have not seen any statistics detailing this. The irony is that so many of us don't try it! Since my psoriasis manifested I've not lived on a coast nor had any significant opportunities to try it myself, but if I DID live on a coast, you can bet your flakes I'd be experimenting. I'd love to hear from anyone else who has tried sea water soaks ... with good OR indifferent results. -Ed

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