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Soriatane Dosage Juggling
by Anna

I was in a phase 3 trial for the drug [anti-CD11a] and, same as Peter, afterwards I had my worst flare-up ever.

My doctor put me on soriatane, 25 mg.  I took this for a month, and had about 25% of my P clear.  Then my doctor doubled my dose and I am in my third week of taking 50 mg. 

The side effects are bothersome, but I’m about 90% clear.  I’m hoping the doctor will have me cut back on the dosage so that my hair will stop falling out and my lips can be smooth again.

I know that you haven’t taken Soriatane, but do you have any idea how long I can expect to stay clear once I stop taking the medication?  -Anna


Ed’s Response:  Check out Roche Laboratories Inc. soriatane web siteRelapses — or rebounds, if you prefer — are par for the course with this treatment and they mention a “maintenance therapy” at this web site. 

I don’t know, since I haven’t tried soriatane, but from everything I read it seems the dosage juggling in which patients become engaged has to do with finding an amount that minimizes the side effects you mentioned (chapped lips, hair loss, also sweaty and peeling skin) while maintaining the clearance they achieve during the initial period of high-dose therapy.

Interestingly enough, I haven’t heard from anybody that’s successfully found that magic stable dose — yet.  Hmmmm.

Please stay in touch Anna.  Tell us how your dosage juggling goes.  -Ed

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