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Debilitating Combo: PA and Hepatitis C
from Greg D.

Hey Ed. My name is Greg D. I suffer from psoriatic arthritis as well as Hepatitis C. Five years ago I had a small tile setting business; but then the psoriatic arthritis hit me hard, starting with my feet, hands, back, and jaw. I’ve always worked with my hands and for the past five years have been going from job to job pushing myself to the limits. I have been off work for 3 months now trying to get some kind of training at state and local levels. I pray that I will be able to get help. My wife has been very supportive — I don't know what I would have done without her. I found your archives while surfing around, and found some of the stories encouraging.

I do have a question: Is psoriatic arthritis considered a disability? I've been trying to figure this out for five years because Social Security has denied me saying there are other jobs I can do ... but when I have to crawl to the bathroom I wonder? Thanks for letting me vent. Take care. -Greg D.


Ed’s Response: I’m also posting your email in the "Living With Psoriasis" Forum at PsorHeads (click on the icon). Hopefully we can learn more about Social Security disability and PA from our community there. My knowledge is thin. I have had correspondents who have investigated the matter: see Disability Payments for Psoriasis in the archives.

I would also recommend you get in touch with the National Psoriasis Foundation. I’m confident they can point you in the right direction as far as medical testimony and support documentation are concerned.

Please let us know how this fares for you. I know the Social Security disability issue crosses many of our minds. Best of luck. -Ed

P.S. - Hepatitis C doesn’t sound like much fun, either. I found a good background article at -Ed

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