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Discovering Other Flakers After 15 Years
from Wynta N.

Wow. I do not know what to say. I have had P for approximately 15 years. I had given up hope that there were any others with P. Now at the age of 24 I am concerned about how P affects dating life. Can you tell me of any support groups or chat lines? I am located in Queens, NY.

Any response will be greatly appreciated. Thank You. -Wynta N.


Ed’s Response: Regarding support groups, Wynta, you seem to be in luck. The National Psoriasis Foundation lists three in your area (2 in Manhattan, 1 on Long Island). Go here. This link also tells you how to get contact information for these support groups. (Even if any of these support groups are impractical for you, contacting their leadership may reveal more contacts for you closer to Queens.)

Also you have lots of options on line. PsorHeads (click on link in navigation bar at the top of this page) contains forums and chat for flakers. In another month the new NPF web site will also host forums and chat. And among the other interactive sites described and linked from the "Other Places" page here at FlakeHQ are the psoriasis newsgroup, Flakerchat (via the Psoriasis Directory Page), and Dave Keat’s P-Forums. In other words, Wynta, don’t promise a Christmas card to every flaker you can meet on-line ... or else you’ll end up subsidizing Hallmark Cards. <wink>

Thanks for finding us. -Ed

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