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Pagano's Too Restrictive for Me
from Resigned to the Itching

Dear Ed: Just checked out your Flake site after visiting NPF. I must say, it's a welcome change hearing the humor and support of all our fellow psoriatics. I've had psoriasis since age 12 or so (I'm 25 now) and am constantly hearing "Did you fall down?" and "Is that poison ivy?" While I get sick of the questions, I do find some humor in it—like wanting to say "Oh my God! What is that on my leg?!" when someone asks.

I am thankful and quite lucky to have a wonderful boyfriend who has no problems whatsoever with my constant shedding.

I have tried various numbers of topical creams, none of which have helped too much. My mother bought me Dr. Pagano's book, as well as the elm bark powder and saffron tea he recommends. My cousin's friend followed the diet and was cured. Needless to say while I find Pagano's theory believable, I haven't the time nor motivation to get the ball rolling. It is quite restrictive, and in our days of processed food, a bit difficult. So for now, I remain -Resigned to the Itching


Ed's Response: I hear that a lot about Pagano's "cure" for P: that it's "quite restrictive," to use your words. See the Archive links beneath for other discussions about the Pagano diet (and things dietary). There are so many success testimonials associated with the Pagano diet, one must wonder why it hasn't been embraced widely. The medical establishment surely hasn't bought off on it as a "cure" for P, and despite the testimonials, I've heard from more flakers who share your attitude, Re-Itch, than I've heard from flakers who committed themselves to the diet and were subsequently "cured."

(Here's an oddball, but probably realistic reason for why I don't hear from more successful Pagano dieters: To willingly undertake the "eating lifestyle" Pagano calls for, one has to be very serious about curing one's P. That seriousness probably allows little room for humor in one's attitude towards flaking. And those who can't at least occasionally chuckle about their flaking are not likely to spend much time here at FlakeHQ.)

I need to read Pagano's book myself before mouthing-off too much. Right now I believe what my ears hear—that people who abide by Pagano's rules improve their condition—and that gives me pause because I also believe in the genetic aspect of P. If a genetic abnormality can be concretely associated with P, then what exactly are we accomplishing by a dramatic change of diet? In accommodating an abnormal gene through diet, what might we be compromising—or sacrificing?

If you are interested in some of those glowing "testimonials" I refer to, just visit and look up Pagano's book Healing Psoriasis : The Natural Alternative. As of today there were 11 reader responses posted there, 10 of them "glowing." -Ed

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