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Head Lice Mistake Garners Apology
from Dedo

Mr. Dewke: Hello! Thank you for responding to my last letter [School is Mistaking Daughter's P for Head Lice]. The principal did apologize to my daughter—after the school nurse said, "Well, she doesn't have head lice now."

My daughter did go to her appointment at the University of Michigan derm dept. The doctor said it was the worst case he's ever seen on a child. He told us not to waste our money on Dead Sea Salts; put us in touch with the people doing the gene research at U of M (which we will gladly participate in) and prescribed a facial cream (hydrocortisone 2.5%) , a pH balance for the scalp (Elocon .1%), and steroid cream for the body (Triamcinolone Acetonide .025%). Also gave us some hope. He recommended that over Christmas break she come to the hospital, be admitted for a few weeks—unless it gets too bad before then and she needs to be admitted sooner for [inpatient] PUVA treatment. He said the treatment will "put the P into remission." Hmmm.... I don't know about that, but it sure would be nice.

My daughter's P just keeps getting worse. It's spreading like a rash now. I think that is weird. Mine never did that. The steroids at first helped reduce the thick yellowish plaques, but, it seems to have quit helping already.

I'll give you an update if you like after the PUVA treatment. Thank You, -Dedo


Ed's Response: We very much want that update, Dedo. From what you have related, it sounds as though the derm is proceeding with all the caution we expect for a patient so young (first grade). It will be nice if PUVA puts all her P into remission. Hopefully she won't find the inpatient business too stressful.

I would be excited about the gene research, too. It may be too late for the fruits of genetic research to help yours and my flaking, Dedo, but your daughter's timing might be perfect. The prospect of her becoming involved—and staying involved—is much more exciting than waiting around to see what emerges!

Hopefully your daughter felt a little triumph—a little victory—when her principal apologized for the head lice misdiagnosis. I know I did reading about it.

We look forward to your next update. -Ed

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