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Related to One of the "Worst Cases In History"
from Joyce

I am so happy I found this website. I have been a psoriasis sufferer since I was a kid. I am a 47 year-old woman with 3 grown kids. My dad had it and my aunt had to be shipped to the hospital from time to time for the "Goeckermann treatment." I heard she was one of the worst cases in history. I can't wait to read all of the literature I see you have at FlakeHQ—all of the people's letters. I just had my first email exchange with another Psoriatic and its great to correspond with someone who knows just what you are going through. For some reason, as I am writing this I am becoming itchy, probably the excitement from finding the page!!!!

I have a UVB lamp and am starting Dovonex.... I have been to the Dead Sea and it's the best therapy (we might move out to Israel one day).... I have toenails with this lovely stuff on them....

Anyway, I just wanted to say I'm glad to have found FlakeHQ. It makes me feel like I have brothers and sisters (I'm an only child). Thanks! -Joyce


Ed's Response: Boy! That's the kind of "fame-by-association" you could do without—being related to someone who was one of the worst cases of P in history—especially since it's widely accepted, now, that the disease is hereditary. Well, I suppose if you've got to flake, Joyce, you might as well be able to claim some sort of Royal Flaker Lineage!

The Goeckermann treatment, for those who may not have heard of it, is a therapeutic combination of tar application followed by light exposure. It can take several hours per session and, these days, usually takes place in P treatment centers. It's been used since the 1920s, which I suppose testifies to its effectiveness.

Joyce, you are not the first person to inform me you become itchy while reading from or writing to FlakeHQ. If I get many more testimonies to this effect I'm going to pen an article for the multimedia press to inform them I have broken through the "sensory barrier" to multimedia expression. Others wish they could "author" sensations like smell, touch or taste—I just happen to have mastered the transmission of itchiness.

Well, one takes breakthroughs where one can get them....

Your favorable report on Dead Sea therapy comes on the heels of a long report from the National Psoriasis Foundation on Dead Sea climatotherapy ("The Dead Sea Experience," Parts I and II, past two issues of the Psoriasis Resource). It works for a lot of people. (Also see Other Places here for a link to the Dead Sea Psoriasis & Arthritis Treatment Foundation of America. There have been enough unnoteworthy attempts to export the precise type of sunlight one experiences at the Dead Sea, and the particular mineral content of the water, to suggest the area's effectiveness must be attributable to more than the sum of these ingredients. Everything I have read and heard leads me to believe the healing is brought about by the "whole experience." It sounds like you concur, Joyce.

Finally, regarding toenails. I have just one thing to say ... well, actually, if you're sitting down and quite calm, just look at this.... Click here.

Stay in touch, Joyce! -Ed

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