Communications (October-November, 1997)

Zinc Anyone? And Tazorac
from Diane Bradley

Just found your page. What a refreshing alternative to the medical sites on psoriasis.

I have a bunch of questions for you... There are a number of booklets available to help you control the flaking (by diet, etc), I have found one that seems to make sense. The problem is that it requires taking massive doses of zinc tablets. Any ideas on what that might do to you on a long term basis? I'm a little curious to know if anyone has already tried this.

Also, I sent an e-mail to Glaxo asking (okay, begging) for a spray version of Temovate. I got a nice little confirmation that they received the e-mail. No news, just the confirmation. I hope everyone reading your page sends an e-mail as well!

Anyhow, I'm currently trying a new topical, Tazorac, and getting ready for the upcoming winter here in Chicago. Hope all is well with you and yours. -Diane


Ed's Reply:

Diane, try posting your zinc question at the psoriasis news group (see "Other Places," here). I spent some time trying to chase down a creditable answer to your question and came up blank. I don't know if zinc is one of those chemicals that passes through us or can build up to toxic levels—but I'm sure someone tuned into the news group will know. I did find out that zinc is something we need ... but my grocer just gave me a funny look when I asked which aisle it might be in.

I hope others trying Tazorac will e-mail me. Sometimes I think our medical community here in Kentucky is a little slow. I was sniffling from a head cold a few weeks back and my GP asked if I tried that new stuff, Mentholatum....

Evidently a number of Flake HQers e-mailed Glaxo, which I hope will turn out to have been a good thing.

Stay in touch. -Ed

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