Communications (October-November, 1997)

Psoriasis X-Files
from Michele Campbell

I live in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I am 31 years old and have had 'P' for 17 years. I am married and a full time working mother of 3 boys.

I have tried almost everything to get rid of my P but nothing ever works for long. Thanks for your website. It was so uplifting to read the comments that other suffers have. I also had a great laugh in 'Don't say this!' I have heard most of those comments myself over the years, my favorite is still 'don't scratch, you know it makes it worse'.

I am think of trying herbal medicines, do you have any comments on this method or does anyone else? I am open to any comments or suggestions. After a while you start to get desperate for a cure or temporary cure.

I have heard what aggravates 'P' but how come, after all these years, no one has found out what causes it?

Thanks for the wonderful site, I plan to visit more often. -Michele


Ed's Reply:

Michele, my only personal experience with herbal medicine for P was tied in with acupuncture. You can read about it by going to the "Flake Books" section, here, then to Flake Excerpts and scroll down to "Acupuncture."

I'm not what you'd call a convert. But, hey! It would be stupid to poo-poo herbal medicine seeing how the human race has relied on natural remedies a lot longer than pharmaceutical companies! As someone once said, "The only difference between herbal medicine and phramacology is the chemist!"

I cherish your question, "how come, after all these years, no one has found out what causes it?" It's a mystery, Michele; one of those troublesome little mysteries we seem to be solving by deduction. We keep ruling out sweeping causes for P and hoping, some day, we'll have something left, something that we can't rule out, that is the answer. The process of discovery is inhibited by the fact that we are NOT dropping like flies in winter. Nothing stimulates medical research so much as the threat of losing tax payers to fatal diseases. Problem is, in the grand scheme of human maledictions, our flaking doesn't excite the masses. I have a plan though:

It begins with this little classified in the National Enquirer:

Wanted: Individuals with psoriasis who would be willing to submit to hypnosis. Call.....

Then, six months later, this letter to the editor of the NE:

Dear Sir: I ran the enclosed classified in your newspaper six months ago. Since then I have orchestrated the hypnotizing of 2,127 psoriatics from all over the U.S. What I suspected appears to be true. All people with psoriasis were abducted by aliens, or are the children of one or both parents who were abducted by aliens. Let me know if you would like to review my case files. Sincerely....

(Psssst. Don't tell anybody I might do this. It would ruin the surprise.) -Ed

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