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Does P Ever Sting More than Itch?
from Jeannie T.

Dear Ed, Does P ever sting more than itch? And if you have several areas that itch or sting do they sometimes begin to itch and sting at the very same time? Sometimes it seems it is more of a nerve thing. Just wondering. -J


Hi Jeannie. I’ve never heard of lesions stinging without itching. I’ve had many lesions that would sting (or burn) after I scratched them too much. This is particularly true of the flexural psoriasis lesions – the kind that don’t flake and are most frequently found on sensitive skin areas that move a lot – underarms, groin, etc.

I’ve also tried at least one topical (Tazorac) that caused my lesions to sting.

My experience doesn’t mean someone else won’t experience ‘spontaneous stinging’ without scratching or applying a disagreeable topical. Perhaps some other readers have shared your experience. I’ll post this at FlakeHQ toward the end of October.  Meanwhile, I hope you can find something to alleviate the sting! -Ed

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