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Moducare Helping Her P
from Terri L.

Backstory on PsorChat: Terri’s original post about Moducare products and Ed’s response on PsorChat. (Yahoo Groups may require you to “join” before giving you access to these posts.)

Ed:  I've been to your site over the years.  I think you've had it for awhile right?

Thanks for the info you gave me [see Backstory, above] about the plant sterols. I can't believe it's cleared me up. I had very serve coverage and now much much less.

I've yet to meet anyone else who has tried this, though you said something on your site about Moducare.  I think maybe I googled it.

Anyway I'm still in awe about this.  It’s very interesting to think this might give me relief. I'm telling you the truth, I did not believe the guy at the health food store when he said it might work.  But given the fact I've had this for awhile I was willing to wait out the months it takes to start clearing.

Take care and thanks for your site, it's wonderful to help people with our experience.

Sincerely, -Terri L.


Ed’s Response: Thanks for writing, Terri, and for your kind words about FlakeHQ.  Also, thanks for answering my response to you on PsorChat.  Obviously, together we made the point that if this Moducare product can help P by an action similar to that accomplished through biologic drugs, those who can't afford the drugs should think about trying the Moducare product!  Or perhaps, all of us should think about trying the Moducare first.  Of course, there are significant differences in how the products — Moducare in one hand, several
biologic drugs in the other — actually inhibit TNF.  Moducare does it via the digestive system, biologic drugs are destroyed in the digestive system. They are so far apart, I wager patient responses to the two might vastly differ, too.  But when you know so little about a disease — and we know very little about psoriasis — it really is "nothing ventured, nothing gained."  I have received so many positive testimonials from people who handle their P through diet that I'm convinced it's impossible to dismiss it as a treatment consideration.  Ironically, most of those who are "rigorously skeptical" about dietary treatments for P haven't tried one.  Dietary supplements, on the other hand, are distinguished from both diets and biologics, and there hasn't been (in my experience) a very impressive volume of positive testimonials around ANY ONE supplement or family of supplements.

Depending on whether you are a "glass half full" or "glass half empty" advocate, that could mean the field is either wide open for Moducare, or the mountain is too steep to try to scale. –Ed

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