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How She Uses A&D Ointment with Great Results
from Cheryl

Backstory: Look up A&D in the Archives for a number of A&D testimonials.

Ed:  I’m writing about my use of A&D ointment for guttate psoriasis.   I’ve had severe guttate psoriasis since I was 11 years old.  For 23 years, I tried many remedies.  I was on topical steroids for 20 years, very active, ate a very healthy diet, received adequate sleep, used only sensitive skin products and received light therapy.  However, I would still get severe outbreaks and consistently battle with psoriasis on several areas my body for the 23 years.  When we ended up moving, I went to a new dermatologist who refused to prescribe topical steroids for me because of the side effects.  My skin on my lower and upper extremities was getting thin and I also developed stretch marks. 

At this time, I had nothing and I was in a panic.  We had some left over A&D ointment at home, purchased when my husband received a tattoo.  I applied this every morning for three days and there was a subtle decrease in plaque, redness and itching.  When I stopped using A&D for a couple days I would have an outbreak.  Over a period of two months, I again tried various over the counter remedies, and used A&D ointment on and off.   Eventually I got tired of spending money on products that made my psoriasis worse and just used the A&D ointment.  It has been three years now and I rarely suffer from guttate psoriasis anymore.  In addition, the stubborn areas I suffered with for years have completely disappeared and I have not been to the dermatologist for psoriasis in about 2 1/2 years.

I apply the A&D ointment lightly to extremities and also lightly to scalp and facial areas every morning.  I keep my lower and upper extremities covered with light clothing and I don't expose those areas to the sun. I also limit the use of soap (Aveeno) to only private areas when I take a shower in the morning and only use Head and Shoulders Sensitive Shampoo with my regular conditioner.  Over the course of the three years, my skin has become very soft and I suffer very little with outbreaks.  When I do have an outbreak, the area is small and I know the area will improve and disappear over the course of a month using A&D ointment, rarely to return to the same area. I now have more time not suffering from psoriasis then the other way around.

For the past 26 years I have always been consistent in keeping in shape with regular exercise, eating a balanced diet, and getting plenty of sleep (at least 8 hours a night).  I, too, recommend trying A&D ointment regularly with limited amount of sun exposure for at least three months .  It is a very slow process — about 2-3 months of regular use — and the A&D should be applied every morning (once daily ).  If you stick to this regimen the results may be amazing.  The only side effect I feel is very dry [skin] when I don't apply the ointment. – Cheryl


Ed’s Response:  Thanks for this report, Cheryl.  I think FlakeHQ’s collection of positive reports about the palliative effect of A&D on plaque psoriasis are pretty convincing — but you hit the nail on the head by underscoring the requirement for patience.  A&D is primarily a “barrier ointment.”  Marketed as a useful help and deterrent to diaper rash, the “A” and “D” refer to the vitamins that spice the petrolatum base.  As I’ve said in response to many of the letters posted at FlakeHQ about A&D, I use it, too.  These days, I’d swear it helps just as much as any of the corticosteroid ointments — probably because I’ve overused the latter through the years and am resistant to the steroids. -Ed

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