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Gravity + Sleep: Follow-up
from Andrew Fletcher

Backstory:  Gravity + Sleep = Improved P

Ed:  There has been a report of huge improvements in a disk problem from a partner sharing the same bed as a person using IBT [inclined bed therapy] to help with psoriasis. This result adds a little credence to me proposing that this simple therapy should help psoriatic arthritis.,18376.80.html

I’m getting more response now from the limited amount of people who are trying IBT. Painfully slow progress I know but have grown use to people presuming it is just another scam — failing to realise I am not asking for anything other than feedback for trying it, but there you go, such is life.

Have you tried the inclined bed method yourself and if so are you beginning to see a change? 

Regards,  -Andrew


Ed’s Response: Thanks for the update, Andrew. I’ve run into two momentarily insurmountable obstacles to trying IBT myself: one, as I mentioned in my response to you in the September ’07 update here, my bed won’t do it because of its construction. Secondly, my wife has suggested that an IBT test is insufficient cause to chuck the bed that’s as old as our marriage, “And what could you prove anyway?” she asked appropriately. “Your medicine [the biologic Humira] has you near completely clear anyway!”

I’m hoping any reader here who tries IBT will write in with discoveries.  -Ed

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