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A Good Diet for Immune System Dysfunction
from Rae D.

Hi Ed, Just catching up on the FlakeHQ mail, and reading Itchy and Flakey's post reminded me of a good site I visit every so often that she might find worth trying. It advocates a diet that can help and in many cases cure IBS, Crohns, ulcerative colitis and similar diseases. It’s called the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, and while it's a bit restrictive, its nowhere near as bad as Pagano’s diet, and seems to have achieved good results. The site is Breaking the Vicious Cycle and the recipe site for it is I thought it might help her out.

By the way — my psoriasis is nearly gone — I'm down to 95% clear and hope that it will be completely gone in a few months. The best thing is not flaking or itching at all anymore. For me it’s definitely been caused by candidiasis.   Taking a lot of anti-fungal supplements as well as avoiding food I'm allergic too has done wonders. Using coconut oil on my skin has worked well, too. It definitely pays to do your own research and try everything you can rather than always following derms' advice! 

Kind Regards, -Rae D.


Ed’s Response:  Thanks for sharing the tip and update on your P, Rae.  Your experience suggests that determining what triggers one’s P can provide invaluable guidance to picking the right road to managing it.  A good suggestion!  -Ed

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