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Five Months Off Enbrel and Still Clear
from Lorna C.

Hi Ed:  Long time no see.  I just wanted to update you on my Enbrel use. I have not had a shot since June this year. I still have absolutely no spots. Maybe the two years of Enbrel cured me. I still have enough Enbrel in my fridge to keep me good till December if I need it. My insurance ran out in April of this year. I have had the stress these past few months of starting up my own business; to my amazement I still have no spots.

Hope all is well with you. If you ever get a chance to come to Branson, Missouri contact me. I have some nice condos for rent at Holiday Hills Resort and Golf Club. You can visit my website at

Take care, -Lorna C.


Ed’s Response:  That’s amazing, that you haven’t had ANY rebound since stopping Enbrel in June.  If your two years on the drug cured you, the folks at Amgen, Wyeth (makers of Enbrel) need to know!  Your experience is unusual; usually I hear horror stories about awful rebounds.  On the other hand, having visited your web site and seen your new surroundings, I’m wondering of the lovely environment shouldn’t get the credit. 

Whatever!  Congratulations are due.  Congrats on keeping clear, and congrats on the new business in the lovely new locale.  -Ed

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