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November-December 2007 Briefing

In This Briefing:
Mike H. "Shocking Psoriasis"
Psoriasis Cure Now Video Contest Winners
Concise Explanation of Biologics
FlakeHQ Interviewee Deirdre Earls Getting Ink in Austin
Dewke to be Guest on Health Talk Program
Happy Holidays from Flaker Creativity

Mike H. “Shocking Psoriasis”

Flakers’ cyberspace has received a great present this season: Mike H.’s web site, Mike is doing something here that’s needed to be done for a long time: he’s effectively illustrating what psoriasis looks like and, incidentally, explaining in plain English what it feels like and what we do about it. My words cannot do justice to the images Mike has posted so far (what is it they say about a picture?).

If you haven’t already, DO VISIT

One of Mike’s smartest moves, I think, was coming up with a site name that everybody can remember. Anybody who asks me from henceforward, “What’s that on your arm?” is going to be told to visit

The site is a work-in-progress.  Right now Mike is working on a video section that he’s said will document the procedures we go through to “doctor” our lesions. And already — at PsorChat, at least — Mike has received several offers to augment what he’s already posted with pictures from others.

FLASH UPDATE 11/12/07 — Mike H. has posted two videos on "Shocking Psoriasis" with more to come.  Check'm out!

Psoriasis Cure Now Video Contest Winners

Speaking of videos, Psoriasis Cure now has announced the grand prize winner of its first video contest — Brendan Hayward’s “Psoriasis Emotional Cure” — in addition to nine other finalists, including the two early-bird winners. Click here to view ALL of the prize winning videos.  I’m tickled to report that I was one of the finalists. You can also see my video at FlakeHQ — Click here.

Psoriasis Cure Now received over 50 videos and Michael Paranzino (founder of Psoriasis Cure Now) was effusive in his praise for all of them.  He intends to use the videos to inform Congress, regulators and others about Psoriasis as part of his on-going campaign to increase funding for research and ensure accessibility to treatments for all flakers.

You can browse through all of the contest videos at You Tube — click here (broadband Internet connection recommended).

Concise Explanation of Biologics

I found an informative screen full of information about biologic drugs at the Canadian “Psoriasis Guide” —

Two lists in the text make this page stand out:  (1) Understanding the names of the biologics based on the suffix (or, why the “official names” of these drugs can be so hard to pronounce); and (2) “targets” of biologics in the biological pathway that produces psoriasis.

FlakeHQ Interviewee Deirdre Earls Getting Ink in Austin

Dietitian Deirdre Earls, FlakeHQ Interviewee in March-April 2007, and author of the book Your Healing Diet was the subject of an Austin Chronicle feature story on September 21, 2007.  In that interview, Deirdre expands on a number of subjects covered in our interview.  You can read the feature online here:

Dewke to be Guest on Health Talk program

Yes, you read that right.  I’m to be the guest speaker on Ross Reynold’s Health Talk program about psoriasis.  The subject for my episode: “Creating a Positive Self-Image with Psoriasis.”

“Where?  On the Internet!” 

When?  December 6th at 7:00 p.m. Eastern (4:00 p.m. Pacific). 

Read more about the program here:

It would be great if you’d join us.  You can even call in a question!

Happy Holidays from Flaker Creativity

A bountiful harvest this update. 

Sheehan ... Two new poems from FlakeHQ Poet Laureate Sherry Sheehan, “A Flaker’s Floater Facts” and “Grateful Anyway.”  If you’ve ever left a doctor’s office with an unpleasant after-taste in your mouth, feeling cranky or otherwise unhelped, these two poems will resonate AND make you smile. Click here to go direct to Sherry’s page at FlakeHQ, or start at Flaker Creativity.

Gervais ... Photographer (and flaker) Chris Gervais decided to make the most of his UVB therapy and FlakeHQ is proud to host the result, “Essence of Ultraviolet.”  Chris originally snapped this self-portrait for the Fuji Camera Challenge site.  Chris explains his extraordinary photo:  “I was having a particularly bad outbreak and feeling very depressed and figured I would try to empower myself by shooting a self portrait.  Although it did not help my P, it made me feel somewhat more normal.”  Those among us who appreciate WHY Chris was under the light won’t have to think a lot to appreciate the range of emotions he’s captured in this remarkable composition.  Start at the Flaker Creativity page or click here to go direct to the image — Essence of Ultraviolet.

Dewke ... And I’ve posted a new short story by me, Bedlow Itch

Hope you enjoy all the new diversions in Flaker Creativity.