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Enbrel Working (after rocky start)
from Jane J.

Backstory:  Enbrel Not Overpowering a Raptiva Rebound, Nov. 2006, from Jane J.

Hi Ed:  This is Jane J. again.  It's now September 11, 2007 and I had my first Enbrel shot one year ago tomorrow.  I give myself the injection once a week.  And if it works, even at my co-pay of $150.00 per month, I'll stay on it forever!

It took about 2 1/2 months before I finally saw improvement in my horrible, hurting skin but if you saw me now you wouldn't know I even have psoriasis.

Everything is clear, from the top of my head to the bottoms of my feet.  Every day I wonder when it will stop working.  Then I worry that thinking about it will trigger a flare up.  Every time I have an itch anywhere, I worry.

But I am enjoying the total freedom while it lasts.

I wish it would work this well on everyone.

I'll keep you posted. –Jane J.


Ed’s Response:  Thanks for the update, Jane.  I love good news and you sure deserved a break.  -Ed

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