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Mother of PRP-Kid
from Tina H.

This is an “open email” to Adam H.  Use the following links to read his 2004 correspondence about his PRP and Soriatane:

It's PRP, not P, and Soriatane is Prescribed, March '04

Amazing Results from Soriatane, May '04

After 7 Months Soriatane Still Working, September '04


Adam, I do not know if you will read this, but I want to tell you my son is twelve and he has been on Soriatane for about six months. He too was diagnosed with psoriasis and then, later, with PRP.  (Click here for background about, and support for, Pityriasis Rubra Pilaris [a.k.a. PRP].)

My son has had this condition since he was five and he does look a lot better using Soriatane. His hands and feet still look really bad but the rest of his body looks better. Because of his age the doctor only put him on every other day and then he started looking better and was having headaches and fatigue. They cut him down to every two days and now he’s breaking out on his eye lids and around the mouth, so I’ve moved him back to every other day.

I am having trouble with my insurance, so we are looking for another doctor. I found one in St. Louis which is 4 hours away — but it takes 2 1/2 hours to get to his other doctor; so, 4 hours will not be that bad. I just wish his hands and feet would heal but his doctor says they are “as good as their going to get.” I do not believe that and I pray it’s not true.

I just wanted to relate to your story and it is nice to hear other stories about PRP. My son is the first child his doctor has seen with PRP in 13 years and he said it was rare in children.  He is a pediatric dermatologist, so I hope he knows what he is talking about,  but it would be nice to see a doctor that has seen more of PRP.  Thanks for listening.   -Tina H.

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