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May Add Kalawalla to Her Pagano Regimen
from Robin

Hi Ed: Great interview with Dr. Pagano.  He really is an incredible man.  You asked all the right questions — very probing and quite comprehensive.   Have you had much feedback? 

I am still following all of his advice and totally believe in his work.  It's been almost 6 months, though, and I'm getting a tad impatient.  At the time of my last email to you, things were slowly improving.  Shortly after that, things began to go downhill.  New spots (guttate) everywhere.  Dr. P. feels, and I agree, that due to the massive amount of drugs that I have taken to control symptoms over the past 40 years. I was having a severe cleansing reaction.  He suggested castor oil packs to help detoxify my liver. (Read a great book, "The Oil That Heals"  I have been using the packs everyday for the past 2 weeks.  I am beginning to detect a slight lessening of the scaling, but all the lesions are still inflamed.) 

At this juncture, I am trying to see what I can add to accelerate the healing.  I was especially inspired by the email from Francis Sherlock of Australia (She’s Responding with Kalawalla a Part of Her Regimen).  Her patience and persistence are to be highly commended.  I plan to follow some of her methods.

The information on your site concerning Kalawalla is quite impressive.  The link to Rain Tree (Samambia) and the information was especially informative.  I think I will probably order some and add it to my regimen.  It appears that one can take the capsules from Organic Hope (seems like the easiest) or buy in bulk form Rain Tree and make an infusion.  I guess I'll do a bit more research before deciding where to order it.

In perusing the info on Kalawalla, I was interested in the letter from Dr. M. to Kathy (Kalawalla Re-investigated).  Dr. M. states that the "wrong type of protein" can cause "misdirected inflammation."  Do you know what he is referring to as the wrong type of protein.  Since he also recommends the diet prescribed by Dr. Pagano, I assume that he means the same dietary restrictions.  But, since I do eat quite a bit of soy, I am curious to know what he defines as wrong. 

Getting ready to go up to the NC mountains for a little R&R. The past 6 months have been very stressful due to several family issues.  (Probably another reason for my P explosion!).  Hopefully, getting away will help.

Thanks again for all of your great work, it has been a lifeline.  -Robin


Ed’s Response:  Hope you enjoyed your R&R in the mountains, Robin.  Glad you liked the interview with Dr. Pagano.  Your experience (so far) with Dr. Pagano’s regimen underscores one of the reasons why it is so hard for many people to undertake it successfully.  It does take time; people do experience setbacks; one does have to be patient and vigilant. 

Regarding your interest in Kalawalla: Don’t miss reading the correspondence with Jorge Mendoza, President of Organic Hope, in this update of FlakeHQ Mail.  If you do start to use Kalawalla at the same time you follow the Cayce/Pagano diet, we will be most interested to learn what happens. 

Meanwhile, have you had any luck starting a Pagano support group in Sarasota?  -Ed

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