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Kalawalla Working Fast
from Joe in NH

To interested parties:  I am taking Kalawalla for P.  I've had P for over 30 years.  I've taken a 90 day supply and ran out waiting weeks for more.  I noticed results after 30 days 4 capsules a day.  It went 50% away. After 90 days it was 75% gone and redness was at a minimum. 


Then I ran out and it came back (minor breakout) to a little past the 50% mark in a couple weeks. 

I am now taking another 90 days worth and noticed improvement after a week. This is where I am today. 

The real test will be this winter in New Hampshire.  In the summer P generally improves a bit anyway.  In my opinion, it does seem to make a difference. 

I haven't noticed any side effects. 

I use Dovonex but cut it in half and even missed days while taking Kalawalla.  I'm sure everybody is different but thought I'd give my input.  The long term use is my concern. Will it eventually become practically useless like all other P meds?   -Joe from NH


Ed’s Response:  Thanks for this report, Joe.  Your results — the speed, in particular — are truly impressive. 

Your Big Question — will it keep on working or wear out like so many other P medicines? — is on everybody’s mind.  And not just about Kalawalla. 

We’re getting a few reports now about biologics wearing out.  Of course, the difference between a temporary relapse and the medicine itself actually failing to work for a person after time are difficult to determine unless you continue taking the medicine for awhile beyond the “relapse.”

Please read Jorge Mendoza’s letter in this month’s mail.  He’s the President of Organic Hope and talks briefly about the problems they’ve had with meeting their shipping schedule.  Hopefully when you get your Kalawalla won’t continue to be a problem for you. 

Well, Winter’s almost upon you.  About late January or early February you should know what effect it’s going to have on your P.  I hope we’ll hear from you again, then.  -Ed

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