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Continuing to Heal Slowly with Kalawalla and Diet
from Francis S.

Backstory:  Kalawalla Progress Report (Sept-Oct ’05)

Hi Ed:  Writing from Australia again with an update.  It is nearly six months since starting the Kalawalla treatment.  My skin is still improving, and again have to say that even now some of the lesions are only just breaking up from the centers.  Still have more patches to do this though.  I remind myself that it has now been some 52 years and is something that may take more than six months to turn around.  My progress has slowed down a little and a possibility for this is some stress related to my work situation.  A contributor to your site mentioned about good rest and sleep.  My work hours of late have been so that I certainly have not been getting enough rest and sleep.  I think it puts too much of a load on the body and in turn the immune system suffers slowing down recovery times.  At present I am seeking work which will give me only daytime hours, thereby getting the rest I need for all this to work.

I have ordered and am awaiting my next three months of Kalawalla.  It should be here any day now — it usually takes about a month to reach us.  Have found an agent in New Zealand who sells Dr. Sears fish oil (RX Zone) and other Zone products.  It has been recommended that I take two teaspoons per day.  As I have said before, our town water supply here is causing others and myself further grief with our skin.  It is chlorinated and has many chemicals in it, the calcium content is extremely high.

Fortunately, we have alternate sources for drinking and cooking, but not for showering.

Although my skin has further improved from the 4.5 month level, I still believe strongly that I am on a winner and will keep on going.  Our weather now is around the 37 degrees (100 F) and I have found it best not to expose myself and especially my bare legs to the heat too much, if at all.  Some of the larger patches I have written about before have only a very slight discoloration of the skin (returning to normal skin color is the only healing  left for these lesions to do — no flaking and inflammation of psoriasis) which is improving all the time. 

My arms are still a little stubborn, they are improving but not as quick as I would like.  Like somebody has already said, my skin, too, always looks better first thing in the morning.

I can actually leave the natural creams off a day without the itching that I was experiencing before.  Interestingly, I have rarely put creams on the ears which have psoriasis (and down inside the ear canals) and now my ears are virtually P-free — feels good and not scabby to look at.  Anything that causes irritation to the skin is to be avoided if possible.  I wear glasses at work and I am sure the skin would prefer no pressure.  The psoriasis in my head is still clearing but not itchy any more.

Life is looking up, I am 54 and really, I would have to say, I feel better now than I did some years ago.  The food regimens — as described in Dr. Pagano’s and Dr. Sear's books — I would recommend to anyone with psoriasis.  They have helped me enormously.

I will sign off now and give further progress reports as time goes by.

Regards, -Francis S.


Ed’s Response:   Thanks again, Francis.  You make me feel like those NASA scientists who await transmissions from Mars rovers and other devices we’ve now got roaming through space.  They are always worried something will break and there will be a garbled report or no report at all.  Your continuing reports of improvement bring smiles!

You made me remember one little thing that I forgot to mention in my Raptiva report a couple of months ago:  Though that drug has sent all but two of my body lesions into complete remission, it hasn’t done a thing for P in my ears!   As a result, my P there has actually gotten worse in the last 10 months. 

Perhaps when the weather cools down a bit in your half of the world you will see a surge of improvement.  I await that update eagerly!  -Ed

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