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Dermacinz Working for Her
from Kirsten

Just found your info on Dermacinz as I Googled to find the site to order more product.  You're the top result so I thought I would check out what you were saying in Dermacinz in the UK.

You asked what people thought of the product.  I came across Dermacinz after a recommendation from a friend.  It has certainly been the most effective thing I have tried on my psoriasis (very thick on scalp and patchy elsewhere) in ages.  I occasionally use the liquid direct on my scalp and I use the shampoo once or twice a week. 

However, I do note the point that I might build up resistance.  Many of the products I have previously tried became less effective over time, but hey — it's great whilst it works.  Thanks, -Kirsten


Ed’s Response:   Thanks for responding to my inquiry, Kirsten.  With the cost of effective prescription treatments steadily increasing, we need to know what over-the-counter palliatives are helping people. 

Though we all are used to topical concoctions “wearing out” over time, this tendency doesn’t necessarily end our on-going relationship with that topical (whatever it is).  Many of us have found switching to something else for a few months means we can go back to the “worn out” topical and it is effective again, at least for awhile. 

Before I started using systemic medicines, when I, like so many others, was dependent on topicals for whatever relief I could get, my derm prescribed a rotational regimen that worked pretty well.  I’d use only one tube (60g) of one topical and then change to another, and then another.  It seemed to keep my body fooled.  Of course, eventually it occurred to me that my definition of “good results” was getting lazy:  Okay, so I’ve still got several large flaking lesions that don’t ever seem to go away.  I’ve been worse!  Realizing that I had achieved some kind of steady state that was patently unsatisfactory (albeit bearable), I ventured into the land of systemics.... -Ed

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