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Raptiva and Kalawalla at the Same Time?
from Sam G.

Dear Ed, I have currently finished my 12th jab of Raptiva.  I purchased Kalawalla in June, 2005, and have not taken it yet as I am worried about conflicts between Raptiva and Kalawalla. I would like to seek your advice.

-Sam G. - Singapore


Ed’s Response:  I'm not qualified to address possible conflicts; however, I would suggest you ask BOTH the Kalawalla manufacturer (Organic Hope) and the physician who prescribed your Raptiva.

You may wish to consider, if you DO use Kalawalla and Raptiva at the same time, and if you DO improve, how will you know if it is the Raptiva, or the Kalawalla or the COMBINATION OF THE TWO that has improved you? 

Personally, I am waiting to try Kalawalla when I am not using other medications (except, possibly, topicals).  -Ed

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