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UK Docs Misdiagnose
from Yan H.

Hi!  My name is Yan and I just found FlakeHQ. Thank you very much, it has sure cheered me up.  I was diagnosed with Psoriasis (plaque) recently although I have suspected it for a long time.  (As I am overweight, all I was getting from the doctors was: “Those big red patches under your breasts are because you are fat.  Lose weight and they will go away.”) One doctor even told me the reason I was pulling 1"-long flakes from my scalp was that I was “eating too much protein.”

Also I see from your information that you are a fellow bobtail cat fan.  Congratulations on finding this wonderful breed of cat, I love them so much.

With kind regards, -Yan H.


Ed’s Response:  Had to share my snapshot of Koko — my bobtail — with you.  You are the only other person I know who has one.  How lucky for me you are a breeder!  I’ve visited your web site and am going to insist my vet does the same.  When he first examined Koko he described her in his notes as “a domestic short-hair with a chronically deformed tail.”  And he added, “if the tail bothers her, we can remove it.”  I wanted to throttle him!

Anyway ... sorry to hear you had to go through the not atypical round of misdiagnoses before somebody actually figured out you’ve got P.  I get the flexural-type lesions (which you probably have under your breasts) in my arm pits and my groin area.  They didn’t look at all like my flaky plaque P and for the longest time I didn’t think they were P.  My derm set me straight.  Fortunately, for me, these lesions respond well to corticosteroid topicals.  I can usually get rid of them with a few days of betamethasone valerate or clobetasol propionate (I’m giving you the pharmacological nomenclature because I don’t know the brands in the UK .)

I’m very happy you found us, Yan, and hope you will keep us apprized of your treatments and how they work for you.  Meanwhile, stroke a few kitties for me!  -Ed

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