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Shame on Ed (Who Doesn't Do Pagano)
from Hannu P.

Hello Ed!  I remember you wrote that you have not tried Pagano’s method [diet]. If so, why you have omitted it? Are you not enough ill yet? How many years you will wait for the miracle from genetic research? How many disappointments you have to get from using drugs?

Many patients in Finland have got good results using Pagano’s self cure. I believe, that the leaky gut syndrome is the most logical cause to psoriasis. Furthermore, I think it is psychologically very important, that yourself is doing the cure, not awaiting someone else will do all for you. If you read the book (shame, if you have not!) you will understand what I mean.

Wishing also to you good results! -Hannu P. (Finland)


Ed’s Response:  I guess you nailed it with your second question, Hannu:  Yes, I must not be ill enough yet.

First the deference.  Dr. (chiropractic) John O. A. Pagano is probably largely responsible for getting the psoriasis community (professional and lay) to stand up and take notice of dietary approaches to treating P.  If anecdotal evidence counts for anything, there must be something to the Pagano regimen (which is largely a restrictive diet).  As far as the theory is concerned — the so-called leaky gut syndrome — well, theories are cheap.  If you wish to take the time, there are over two dozen documents about or referencing Pagano in the FlakeHQ archives.  You can peruse them by searching on “Pagano” from the home page.

Now, deference aside.  If you want to live your life without being involved in a motor vehicle accident, stay away from motorways (roads and highways) and stay out of motor vehicles (cars, trucks, etc.).  My theory is that if you follow my advice to the letter you will not be involved in any motor vehicle accidents.  What is the science behind my theory?  It is my incontestable observation that, in addition to you, a motor vehicle of some sort will always be involved in any motor vehicle accident befalling you; therefore, remove your involvement with motor vehicles and you will remove the possibility of a motor vehicle accident.

That may have sounded tongue-in-cheek, but I think it’s only slightly so.  I have said before — and I appear to have to say it periodically — that diet is fundamental to everything we are and every way we behave.  Diet is our life.  We are what we eat.  Etcetera.  Why then should any of us find it surprising that a dietary solution to P is a possibility?  Furthermore, why should we find it surprising that a dietary regimen to control P is restrictive, difficult for many, and life-changing for some?  Why should it be surprising that, for many of us, pursuing the Pagano regimen would be akin to taking vows of celibacy and accepting a cloistered lifestyle? 

None of these things should be surprising.  We should not be so foolish to suggest Pagano does NOT work.  The only reasonable response we can make to the anecdotal claims and the theory is:  Is it worth it? 

As severe as my P is, as debilitating as my P-arthritis can become, I must still answer Hannu the way I have.  No, sir, I am not yet ill enough to subscribe to the Pagano cure.  -Ed

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