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Tegison Licked His PRP
from Bernie

I just happened to get on your web site by looking into Tegison.

Ten years ago I had PRP in it's full blown form. It came out of nowhere when I was in the South Pacific and by the time I got home (west coast Canada) I was completely covered with all the rashes and blisters, head to toe. My local derm doc recognized what it was as he'd encountered about a dozen cases in his career.  He put me on Tegison. I took it for approx 3 months during which I turned into a snake and shed just about all the skin I had.  About 2 months after I started I went to another derm in LA for a second opinion.  He was concerned about my taking Tegison and told me I didn't have PRP because if I did I would have all these terrible marks and rashes on my body.  He showed me pictures in medical books and said that was what I would look like if I really had PRP.

After I told him that’s exactly what I'd looked like 2 months earlier he was quite amazed. Within 6 months total I had no signs of PRP left. My original derm was even amazed at the speed and totality of my recovery.

I wasn't aware of the blood donation prohibition associated with Tegison.  Even had I been I would have taken it.  Are there any other after affects attributed to Tegison? I don't know if Tegison is still available in Canada, the other name I knew it by was etretinate. –Bernie


Ed’s Response:  As you probably know from searching on Tegison at FlakeHQ, Bernie, in the U.S. that drug has been “replaced” by Soriatane.  The significant difference between the two is that both the blood donation prohibition AND the don’t-get-pregnant period after taking Soriatane is limited whereas Tegison threatened a permanent prohibition of both.  (See also Still More on Tegison, Blood Donating and Side Effects.) -Ed

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