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A Vacuum Made for Flakers?
from Mina

Hello.  I've been reading your mail bulletins for about a year now, and I keep meaning to send a letter your way.  Thanks for keeping up with your mail in public, so to say.  It has certainly given me ideas on what to try.  Some things helped, some did not, but I had fun trying in any case.  My husband thinks its funny that I'm trying a new “home remedy” every couple of months.  (Hey, A&D[0401g.htm] kept my skin happy, but I decided that I didn't really like that “fresh-washed baby” smell on me all the time.)

I've had psoriasis for, oh, almost 12 years, and it’s progressively gotten worse over the years.  I was diagnosed when I was 12, but I was classified as a mild case since I only had a quarter sized patch over my left ear.  (Actually, that one has never gone away — for sentimental reasons, I think.)  I'm not using any medications at the moment, and things aren't that bad.  I'm not looking forward to the cold weather, but then who is?

My home treatments mostly include using a lot of petroleum jelly and plastic wrap — it helps the skin soften, and then I peel it off in the tub.  I do this every couple of days, and its kept me relatively free from cracking skin.  That was my biggest problem in high school — I'd refuse to do anything about my skin, and then I'd come home with blood stains on my clothes.  I'm so glad that I grew out of that phase.

I've been thinking about the amount of “evidence” that I seem to leave behind.  I'm positive that I need to find the smallest vacuum cleaner and clean up after myself when I visit people.  What do you think about this one:  Euro-Pro EP66 Shark Turbo Vac?  Its the smallest one I could find that appears to do everything a large one does.  Its just something to think about.

In any case, thanks for the site, keep up the good work. -Mina


Ed’s Response:  What do I think about the Euro-Pro EP66?  After checking out the web site I put it on my Wanted-for-Christmas list.  If one of the wee-Dewkes doesn’t buy it for me, I’ll think I’ll buy it myself.  Thanks for the link, Mina!

I was happy to read you are, for the moment at least, staying happy with consistent moisturizing (petroleum jelly) and appropriate manual defoliation (peeling).  The plastic wrap can be a pain, but the results make it worth it.

Now that you’ve broken the ice and “spoken up” here at FlakeHQ, Mina, we look forward to hearing more from you.  -Ed 

P.S. - As you come across more Flaker-Friendly hardware, please keep sharing the links!

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