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Calendula Ointment Only Thing that Helps
from JRW

I have been plagued with P on my hands and fingers for a long time and the only relief I can get from the flaking and cracking on my knuckles and finger tips is by applying Calendula Ointment usually at bed time. The brand name is Boiron and I purchase it at The Whole Food Store. I have tried everything recommended by my dermatologist but the Calendula Ointment (which the Doctor kind of chuckles at) is the only thing that helps me. -JRW


Ed’s Response: Well, JR ... Drs chuckle at the weirdest things. I learned at the Boiron Homeopathic product info page for Calendula Ointment that its active ingredient is calendula officinalis in petroleum jelly. I learned in the on-line encyclopedia at that calendula officinalis is the Latin name for plain old homegrown Marigolds! The on-line encyclopedia also listed eczema and ulcerative colitis (among other things) as conditions for which it is applied.

It is not a stretch from here to understand why some flakers may find it helpful because (1) eczema behaves like P sometimes, and (2) ulcerative colitis is an immune system-related disease like P.

So, everybody is happy. Your Dr gets a good laugh, you get relief (which, in my mind at least, suggests you are permitted to laugh last). -Ed

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