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Trip to the Tropics — Cleared in 2 Days
from Jack D.

Hi Ed: I am a mild flaker (relatively speaking). However, the last several winters have been worse for me.

For the last two years my wife and I have taken a February or March trip to the tropics. Two years ago it was Peru and this last year it was to the Yucatan. Within two days after arriving in these places my lesions were gone, my skin was nearly perfect.

Upon returning to my home in Utah (very dry and cold) I was blessed with about three weeks of relief before things started to flare up again. Do you think my insurance will pay for our trip next year? Yeah, right. Anyway it was the best treatment I've ever had by a long shot. Take care. -Jack D.


Ed’s Response: Inside 2 days? That is amazing, Jack. I think if I were you I’d check out the more tropical climes around here — Florida, southern Texas, southern California — and see if the results are similar. If they are, might closer excursions be possible more frequently?

Just out of curiosity, were your tropics trips dry or wet? Seaside or inland? Any time spent on the beaches? -Ed

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