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Thoughts on the Pagano Diet
from Mark Shaw

Ed: I’m interested in your opinions on Dr. Pagano’s book, Healing Psoriasis: The Natural Alternative. I’ve read part of the book in which Pagano says his method will work if you are disciplined enough to strictly follow his regimen. But have you seen his diet? Life wouldn’t be worth living if I had to eat like that for the rest of my life. Bring on the coal tar.

Have you read the book? What are your views on it, considering the e-mails you have received? -Mark Shaw


Ed’s Response: I've not read Pagano's book. I've threatened (myself) half a dozen times to read the book, but then I hear more about it and decide to put my money to better use. But not because I disbelieve Pagano's method.

I do believe that just about everything that ails us can be affected by diet. I mean, it only makes sense. What we consume maintains us! But this doesn't mean diet is the root of all problems — only that diet can affect the course of that problem and, perhaps, even remedy that problem under the right circumstances. I find it completely logical that Pagano's diet should be so radical, so torturously hard to follow, given that we believe P is a base error in gene behavior. It's rather like digging for something deep with a shovel. You have to make the hole on the surface larger and larger to get further down. That's akin to beating P via diet. The large hole is the god-awful diet. When we have a "deep problem," like P, we need a tool that goes in far but makes a little hole. Hopefully that will be some gene therapy or an offshoot.

I'm like you ... bring on the coal tar. Someone told me Pagano wants us to stop drinking coffee. That prospect makes me fear the book. Next to blood, coffee is my most precious fluid. -Ed

P.S. Healing Psoriasis: The Natural Alternative, by Dr. Pagano, is available through for US$19.96 (plus shipping). It has received a 5-star (highest) rating by reviewers at that site.

P.S.S. - Mark Shaw’s home page is listed under "Other Places" here or can be reached by clicking on Mark’s name in the title at the top of this page.

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