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Be Happy Anyway
from Hazel

Hi all: It's Spring in South Africa and my personal 'bad' time. Not only am I usually writing exams, feeling miserable about having to wait 11 months before my next jaunt to the UK and dreading having to wear long sleeves in the hot African summer, my P chooses that time of the year to flare up big time. Sort of ties in with my personal belief about P and stress.

I read PD's response to my last mail and I agree with him/her totally [In a Sense, Those with Cancer are Luckier]. We do have a great deal to be pissed off about. Thousands of us suffer the pain and ignominy of P & PA but, because it isn't life threatening, research into a cure is not given the attention, we sufferers would like or, in fact, desperately need. Yes there are those of us who try to jolly everyone up, but it doesn't mean there aren't times when we want to rant and rave about how mentally crippling P is. I know I'm not the only one who goes to bed with a prayer, PLEASE let this be gone in the morning when I wake.

I have read mail in here that makes my heart break, people who are feeling as I have felt over the years and there is always that single question WHY ME?

However, my way of dealing with this and most other problems is to try and find something to be glad about, and something to laugh at. I just couldn't bear to be miserable about it all the time.

You guys in the northern hemisphere are coming up to what would be my favorite time, when it's snowing. Who can tell the difference between snow on the jacket and P flakes?

Just remember, when you are feeling down about this, FlakeHQ is the place to be. At least you know you are not alone. Hey Ed, maybe you should re-name the mail section the PX-files.

Happy flaking all. -Hazel


Ed’s Response: Who said "Misery is sobering; happiness is exercise; both are virtuous under the right circumstances?" Or did I just make that up? Or, who said, "This would be funny if it wasn’t so damned sad?"

Actually, our sentiments were probably best expressed by the Norwegian artist, Edward Munch (1863-1944) whose classic I dare to reproduce here for the edification of us all:

The Scream

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